Monday, 17 June 2013

Intimate Questions for a Captive Audience of Men. (Women should Peek.)

Many men work away from home in an environment that makes socialising impossible. Consequently, they have to endure long hours with workmates. So just what do they find to discuss? You may be surprised to discover that many enjoy playing out embarrassing or intimate situations and morals. They do this by answering pre-written questions; so, I thought I would expose these secrets by displaying 30 very similar questions. 

30 Questions.

·         How would you react to an unknown woman who flirtatiously nipped your bottom in a public bar?

·         What’s the first physical attraction that draws you towards a woman?

·         If you were about to have sex with a woman and she said something very distasteful about your best male friend, would you still go through with the act?

·         Do you wish that you had a larger or smaller penis?

·         Would you take a woman home to meet your parents, if she swore like a trooper, and had no control over it?

·         If your best friends wife/girlfriend made it obvious that she wanted sex with you, would you 1.-Accommodate her? 2. Let your best friend know?

·         If you girlfriend of a few months, who wore very short skirts, suddenly said she wanted to go commando as it made her feel more comfortable, would you object?

·         Would you date a woman who was at least six inches taller than you?

·         Would you tell the parents of a new girlfriend that you had no car because of drink driving, or would you lie and say you didn’t drive?

·         If you suddenly discovered that a woman you had been dating for two months was married, but in an open relationship, would you walk out?

·         Would you marry a woman, who because of her job, spent three or four nights away from home every week?

·         Do you think that there are certain tasks that only a woman should do, and vice versa?

·         If your new girlfriend admitted she couldn’t cook a meal to save her life, would it be of any great concern to you?

·         If your girlfriend/wife wanted to be photographed in the nude (as a keepsake), while she still had a beautiful body, would you be happy to allow a professional photographer carry out her wishes?

·         If you met a very pretty girl who thought it was fun to break wind, and did so on the first date, would you immediately have nagging doubts about her?

 ·         Before you married, would you prefer to know every last detail about her previous sex life, or allow it to remain a mystery forever?

 ·         If there was a way that you could secretly spy on an attractive neighbour while she was bathing, would you take up that option?

·         Do you have a hidden talent in the field of arts that you would secretly love to make a living from?

 ·         Have you ever seen a ghost or experienced something that was definitely supernatural?

·         Have you ever bumped another vehicle or object without being seen, and not admitted to it?

·         Do you believe any of the people who say that they have been abducted by aliens?

·         Have you ever said that you enjoy an activity, which you secretly despise, simply to impress someone?

·         If you are given too much change in a shop do you immediately hand it back or say nothing?

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