Sunday 26 November 2023

                                Big Ben.         

                       There is always that exceptionally well hung individual in the shower-room, Ben is that individual. Is his huge member a blessing or a curse? At college, it's treated as a curiosity by the young women students. Deemed a novelty cock, one that must be seen and handled, it's considered far too dangerous for penetration. Consequently, though enjoying the touch of many female hands, Ben is unable to find one who is willing to accept it between her legs.  

                   Leaving college without the experience of full sex, Ben is convinced it's colossal size is a curse. However, taking a Spanish vacation, he meets a more mature woman, and her opinion of 'well hung,' differs greatly from the females at college. Invited to engage in secret nightly rendezvous, he finally discovers the amazing joy of full sex. Not only that, he also becomes aware of the enormous pleasure it can bring to a capable recipient. Her response is so encouraging, he begins to visualize a role in the adult industry.      

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                                Big Ben.                                  There is always that exceptionally well hung individual in the sho...