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Sunday 26 November 2023

                                Big Ben.  

       He will go to any length to please you.       

                       There is always that exceptionally well hung individual in the shower-room, Ben is that individual. Is his huge member a blessing or a curse? At college, it's treated as a curiosity by the young women students. Deemed a novelty cock, one that must be seen and handled, it's considered far too dangerous for penetration. Consequently, though enjoying the touch of many female hands, Ben is unable to find one who is willing to accept it between her legs.  

                   Leaving college without the experience of full sex, Ben is convinced it's colossal size is a curse. However, taking a Spanish vacation, he meets a more mature woman, and her opinion of 'well hung,' differs greatly from the females at college. Invited to engage in secret nightly rendezvous, he finally discovers the amazing joy of full sex. Not only that, he also becomes aware of the enormous pleasure it can bring to a capable recipient. Her response is so encouraging, he begins to visualize a role in the adult industry.      

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Sunday 3 May 2015

Month of Megan

Month of Megan

Megan Is Always Ready for Sex

Before choosing a vacation, it's advisable to ensure its destination is equipped to cater for personal preferences. Exactly as Megan did. After traveling from America to Spain, a month without hard cock slamming into her would seem an eternity. Therefore, she arranged to spend it with an unseen internet friend, on the understanding, he would fuck her at every opportunity. Megan is hyper sexual, which basically means she constantly craves sex. However, far from viewing her diagnosis negatively, she positively thrives on its treatment, maximum daily dosage.    

Megan's month in Spain is initiated after a partner agreement that allows them to do whatever they choose, without any contact whatsoever.  In an on off relationship, the separation time  will decide if they truly need each other, if so, it will be marriage. A simple chance remark on an internet forum, regarding her situation, sees Jake playing host to Megan. Although from England, most of his time is spent in an idyllic Spanish village; his bungalow there is where Megan is taken.

It was such a rushed and crazy arrangement that Jake became apprehensive. Was her promise of endless sex unlikely to come to fruition? Was he about to endure the most tiresome month of his life? Fear not! Within hours of meeting, he simply adores her, and Yes, she really does want to be plied with uninhibited sex. Unable to believe she has landed at his door; her demure captivates the whole village.

Initially in the privacy of their bungalow, Jake provides the constant sex she needs. Uncomplaining, she happily masturbates after wearing him out. Seeking help makes sense, it will delight both Megan and his close friend Santos. Given the green, it's not only Santos. Megan's fingers and tongue release shy village girl Rosita from her sexual darkness.

Sex shops in Barcelona, deserted beaches, the bungalow and its grounds; Megan gives and takes in incredible situations. Any age or shape, if a man/woman has an agreeable disposition, she finds it a pleasure to welcome them between her legs.

 There can only ever be one Megan, a slut you can only fall in love with. Read every explicit moment of her entire catalog of romps in The Month of Megan.

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                                Big Ben.          He will go to any length to please you.                                There is always tha...