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Monday 29 June 2015

Dating Game Devastation.

 Dating Game Deception

Her every move is caught on camera.

She's found the love of her life, it's definite this time. Handsome, charming, kind, generous to a fault, he's perfect. Yes, infatuation, disguised as love, is prevalent in the dating game. Does it matter? Not at all for starry eyed lovers. However, when one half of the alliance is an experienced dating game con-man, it can become a matter of some urgency.

His fake persona, and Melody's naive impatience to fall in love, was enough for his treacherous scheme to work. To be fair to Melody, his deceit was cleverly disguised.  Initially, he was everything she wished for and life seemed wonderful. Picked up at the airport, she was whisked to an exclusive hotel, where they wined, dined and made love. It was a week of luxury and Melody was not asked for a single penny. In fact, she became so embarrassed that she insisted on contributing towards their immense bar bill.

From the hotel, they headed to a famous English music festival. Melody had always dreamed of attending. She continued to have a fabulous time and fell madly in love. But truth is inevitable, and it emerged on the final day of the festival. Her possessions and savings disappear along with her lover. Melody was totally unaware of what was happening at the hotel and festival. Read 'Haunting Melody' and discover the shocking events. You certainly won't feel any empathy for Melody's lover, but you do need to be aware of him.    

Melody could not escape the hidden eyes. 

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Haunting Melody: Sour Note by [Station, Roy]


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