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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Aftermath of Deception.

Three stories exploring the consequences of dishonesty and deception. Available at both Amazon and Smashwords.  

Trust Me-A Tale of Dishonesty.

Betrothed couple Karrie and Steve face a nightmare option. With their wedding day looming, joy has become despair. Groom Steve is destined for prison rather than honeymoon. From the minor offence of smoking marijuana, a bent cops concocted evidence can elevate charges to dealing. Bent cops are aware, under extreme pressure, victims become willing to do anything for a resolution. And as with all bent cops, there is an offer on the table. If Karrie cooperates via sexual favors, charge papers may never reach official files. Once the bent cop has helped himself to the bride, wedding and honeymoon can go ahead. 

Darkest Deception. A Tale of Paranormal Mystery.

Dawson regards new girlfriend Molly a sweet charming girl until she renders him unconscious. A ferocious physical attack, she is unable to understand how and why she did it? Felling a greater force may be at work, they seek help from a weird hippy lady medium. Why is it necessary for Molly to become naked? Is it crazy to trust her, or crazier still to abandon their only hope? 

Haunting Melody. A Tale and Warning of Dating Game Devastation. 

As promised, Lydon picked her up at the airport and whisked her to a lavish hotel. Handsome, charming and generous to a fault, Melody had found the love of her life. Little did she know, while counting her blessings, she was a victim of vile debauchery. Aided and abetted by equally callous characters, Lydon’s treacherous scheme has horrendous consequences for the innocent and naive of the dating game.

                                Big Ben.          He will go to any length to please you.                                There is always tha...