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Friday 18 October 2013

Is the Afterlife-Alive and Well?

Most people have an opinions about  ‘The 'Unknown'. Mediums-afterlife-ghostly figures; in fact anything that can't be explained rationally. Perhaps it's the scare factor that makes it so intriguing, whatever it is, the subject seems certain to stay with us for the duration. An earnest discussion, between friends, is guaranteed  after one or more has a paid sitting with a medium, which is quite common these days.

"How could they possibly have known that! It was a sworn secret between my Grandfather and me?

Rightly or wrongly, the merits of the medium will be instantly rubbished out of hand by non-believers who say they hate to see a friend being fooled. Alternatively, such revelations will astonish those in the believers camp, who demand not only every last detail, but  the medium's contact number too.  

It's a compelling subject with strong divided opinion. Whether saying it's all 'cock and bull' or 'true beyond doubt,' some are extremely confident with their view. Though others, myself included, are unsure and dither when asked for a defining opinion, which suggests we are probably siding with the believers? I have heard and read of so many incidents, from people who I believe are genuine, that clearly point to an afterlife of sorts. Of course, there are also many claims that have been proven fraudulent, which only serves to cast doubt over the credibility of all of them.

 The only 'unexplained' that I definitely witnessed, was during an Ouija Board session, which, for myself and a group of friends became part of the evenings entertainment. I had been told of unnerving  events, during similar  sessions, from others who were present. However, I had never seen anything even remotely 'ghostly'  so I was very skeptical of their eerie revelations, and viewed it harmless fun. What did actually happen that night will be probably be regarded as quite trivial by those with knowledge of such things, but it truly amazed me.

We all had our fingers on the glass and it only moved when we encouraged it with a little pressure. Then, for no particular reason, it suddenly took off and began careering around the table at  as if  driven by remote control. It was not spelling anything out, in fact, it was scattering the homemade paper alphabet letters everywhere.  We were a group of six, though only myself and another skeptic remained in contact with the glass. After letting go together, the glass continued alone, a further 3-4 feet before stopping on the very edge of the table.  It left everyone with a sobering feel of unease, and I was no longer doubting the chilling words of my friends. No specific explanation, that was it. I have never dabbled with the Ouija Board since, and have no intention to do so.         

It was with such facts in mind that I wrote the short story-‘Darkest Deception.’-is sex with a ghost a reality?

Find it in Aftermath of Deception.


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