Tuesday 17 September 2013

Dogging, what is it, what happens?

Dogging, what is it, what happens?

Originating in Britain, dogging has spread to all corners of the world. Dogging is sexual activity that takes place between consenting adults in chosen secluded outdoor areas. Out of town car parks and grassy woodland, accessible only from side roads, are popular venues. Its origins began with a form of voyeurism. Concealed by natural surroundings, spying on couples making love was classed as excellent masturbation matter. Such voyeurs became known as Doggers; seemingly there at every turn, someone you can’t elude is said to be dogging you.

The arrival of the internet made it far easier to arrange no strings, anonymous, casual sex. Naturally, Dogging spots became perfect for a discreet rendezvous. However, the next group who came along had no wish to conceal their sexual capers under a cloak of secrecy. They actually found the idea of being watched to be a huge turn on. Internet connection also brought about great changes to the Swinging Scene. With excellent communication adding greater numbers, they brought explicit sex to the great outdoors.

Initially, Swingers had no idea that such a large number of voyeurs existed in these locations. They considered them part of a new exciting experience; so much so, the two groups quickly came together. Voyeurs no longer hide in a camouflaged background, hoping their heavy breathing doesn't give them away. Modern dogging wouldn't exist without them. Having become essential to the action, they arrive with erections exposed and without formality to exchange gropes, sucks and much more.

When Doggers find a suitable venue, away from the non-dogging community, they do all in their power to retain it. It means adhering to strict rules of conduct. Avoid any sort of public order offence, basically, anything that would cause police presence. Most acts carried out during an evening of dogging is legally judged indecent. However, Police will not intervene unless given reason to; they only prosecute when behaviour warrants it. Common sense is the key.

Although afternoon action can be found, the vast majority of Dogging takes place in the evening, at spots that have become successful, especially at weekends. So, if you discover a venue and are feeling horny, what can you expect? A willing female, outnumbered by seven or eight males is guaranteed on a busy night. Being close witness, to fucking, sucking, fingering and groping, is the only male guarantee. However, active involvement is highly likely, and males should never arrive without condoms.

Arriving at the venue cars will park spaciously; which not only enables participants to weigh up the scene, it also ensures easy access to those containing females. There is no announcement or klaxon to signal that proceedings are underway. Females are almost always accompanied by males, and the action will begin when they start making out. It is not long before lust takes over and the cars windows/doors or both begin to open. This indicates, to those present, that they are now receiving guests. Males, erection in hand, will appear as if by magic at this point and approach the cars. Males, who brought female partners along, may feel that their job is done and place their women, literally, into the hands of the doggers. They may then watch or become part of the queue at another car; whatever they decide, they are certain to have plenty to talk about later.

It does not become a mad grab with things getting out of hand; there is certain etiquette that knowledgeable doggers adhere to. They treat the queue line to the car exactly as they would any other, definitely not trying to jump it. Those at the front will be the ones who indulge in the first hardcore action of the event. Usually, at an open car doorway there will be enough space for three standing males. The woman's clothes will have been loosened by her partner, but not removed. That makes it easy for the three of them to reach down, grope her breasts and raise her skirt. She will almost certainly be wearing sexy underwear, such as stockings and suspenders. Those in line behind will slowly masturbate while waiting their turn. Meanwhile, at the head of the queue, she will be quite adept at reciprocating the gropes. Skilfully moving three cocks between hands and mouth can quickly whittle down a queue. Most of the Dogging women, because of STD, will not allow sperm in their mouth, but they do enjoy it being sprayed over their bodies.

These women are truly appreciated by male doggers, who are well aware that they indulge purely for pleasure; they are not prostitutes who charge. At the end of an evening, most women will receive a round of applause. This does not mean that the women are not appreciative; where else could they experience the pleasure of so many cocks in one night? In car parks, when a women remains in a car it means that she is extracting enough pleasure from being groped and tending to cocks. However, when a woman steps outside, it means that she wants to be fucked, which at Dogging events, means nothing less than being gang banged. Such fucking is almost always pre-planned by the women and their partners. If a woman decides that she wants a random fuck, she will simply invite one of the men into the car. It is hoped that the anticipation and arousal from being fingered and groped will be enough to prepare her for such a prolonged fuck.

Julie, an experienced dogger revealed: “Once I am ready I will blatantly lay face down on the bonnet of the car.” It signals that she is ready to take on all comers; wearing a condom is the only requirement. “The first male to approach will have the honour of raising my skirt and completely removing my knickers, my husband loves watching that. I will be fucked in that same position, without seeing a face, by every male who cares to step forward.” No one is turned away, which means that as many as twenty cocks may pound her. Tumultuous applause, all aimed at the female, always follows such acts of endurance.

Typical scenes during Dogging events.

 This article has referred to Dogging in car parks; Dogging in woodland areas, which I will discuss later, has a procedure that is only slightly different.

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