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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mutual Masturbation.

Organized Mutual Masturbation.

You can now orgasm with someone on the opposite side of the world if you push their button.  

Organized Group Mutual Masturbation, is a pleasure that the sexually adventurous have enjoyed for the past few years. The internet, via webcam, allows lovers, sex friends, and even strangers to enjoy an orgasm together. Separated by miles or continents, it's become so easy to rendezvous on webcam. Meeting this way allows catch up on much more than chit chat. Participants are free to express, in no uncertain terms, exactly why they reqire of each other. With privacy assured, it isn’t long before the horny are stripped and racing towards a lusty orgasm. Witnessing, and being responsible for the pleasurable gasps and emerging fluids is most gratifying to those separated by the demands of life.

However, pining lovers make up only a small fraction of those who enjoy Mutual Masturbation on a regular basis. Although agendas may vary, ultimately, indulgence is simply for the pleasure it gives. Countless males, at any given time, are found masturbating on internet webcam sites. It is totally random and they do so in the hope that a female will find them and join in. This is far removed from the way Organized Mutual Masturbation operates. Its participants, who include females, meet on sex sites where they make necessary arrangements.

Sex site members are only ever known by their user-name, it may reflect a sexual desire. As on all social sites, its members become familiar through user interaction. Using text messages, they openly discuss whatever turns them on. These discussions lead to private groups, breeding grounds for throbbing erections and wet pants. Once a group becomes comfortable, a webcam gathering is inevitable. Jake, a sex site member, is renowned for both his discreetness and technical ability with cameras. He is frequently asked to control the cameras during group Mutual Masturbation. He says, actually being introduced visually for the first time creates a little hesitation, however, it only takes a sexual innuendo to excite everyone. Furthermore, the moment someone removes an item of clothing, they all follow suit.

Jake’s specific instructions are to capture self caressing, all liquid release and facial expressions of lust. Although as proceedings progress, lust can take over causing plans for a well choreographed event to be ditched. Calls for women to raise and spread their legs are always made. Such exposure allows Jake to zoom in, and provide a view to heighten any orgasm.
Janine is a regular who revels in Mutual Masturbation; she derives immense pleasure from exposing her body. “It’s a huge turn on when men and women look at my body and cum. I can’t stay away,” she confessed.
Men are often asked to raise their hands by women who want a cock to look at during their orgasm. Watching sperm being released is also very popular with women who are about to cum. Jake can’t recall any participant refusing a sexual request. Additionally, Jake has never known anyone to turn off their screen, which they are free to do at any time.

The number of orgasms achieved during these sessions is quite astonishing. Jake thinks Mutual Masturbation acts in the same way as performance enhancing drugs. Both sexes become capable of having orgasm after orgasm. Men never lose their erection-women lose all inhibitions.
“You can take it from me that women definitely do squirt-some in huge gushes,” Jake confided.
There can be no doubt that Mutual Masturbation is a new and exciting way of enjoying the oldest of pleasures. 

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