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Friday, 1 May 2015

Mutual Approval

Husband Approves

Familiarity, Complacency, a sex life should never be allowed to deteriorate.

It's only after Helen willingly enters a dark alleyway and allows a stranger to grope her, that she and husband Alan accept guilt for the inexcusable neglect of their sex life. Despite the strangers hands spending only a brief time inside her underwear, Helen admits she was aroused to heights not reached for years. Consequently, her arousal excites Alan. Helen feeling horny is something he never imagined, and he wishes her to remain that way.

Never having secrets, Helen had felt compelled to confess the incident the moment she arrived home. After honest and critical discussion, they realize an embarrassing reluctance to express their wanton desire had created a sexual dreariness. The openness of their appraisal revealed both to be actually grateful for the occurrence; it had woken their sex life from hibernation. Becoming desperate to make love, Alan wants to hear every last detail of the illicit groping while doing so, and they vow their passion will never fall into decline again, no matter what it takes.

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