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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Organ Donors: The Priceless Crew.

Most people pass by hospitals without giving them a second thought; unless of course, your life is currently connected to one. Nowadays, large town and city hospitals are huge communities, almost towns in their own right. Very few will go through life without becoming a part of such a community. This is a little peek inside.

What would we do without You?

Inside a hospital theatre a doctor is furiously pumping a patient’s heart as the matron anxiously looks on. Eventually the doctor stops and shakes his head.

“I’m afraid that’s it; we can’t do anymore. “

Matron appears to be shocked and surprised. “But doctor, don’t you think you should try the resuscitation a while longer, and give him an I.C.I. injection?”

The doctor seems very reluctant. “Yes I agree, but it’s the nurse’s staff party tonight and I have so been looking forward to it.

Matron is totally aghast.”The nurses can manage very well without you, but this patient can’t and needs you.”

The doctor sighs. “You don't understand; it's the only night of the year that I can see nurses out of their uniforms. They will be dressed as civilians, wearing ordinary clothes; do you know what that does to a red blooded male?”

Matron’s face is about to explode when a nurse rushes in.

“I have the patients papers here doctor.”

While reading them his expression becomes one of total horror. “Oh my God! Quickly matron, prepare the I.C.I. injection, nurse don’t you dare go anywhere, you are needed here.”

Matron is happily amazed by his sudden change of attitude. “I’m so glad you have finally come to your senses doctor.”

Doctor resumes pumping; he appears determined to start the patient’s heart, not looking up when he says. “I have just read his notes; he’s an Organ donor. If he dies I can kiss the party goodbye; I will be here all night carefully removing them.”

Matron is once again left speechless; then much to their relief, the patient begins to cough and splutter.

Suddenly a voice bellows; “Cue the slogan.”

The camera zooms in on a slogan. “ORGAN DONORS-WE ARE KNACKERED WITHOUT YOU.”

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