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Monday 15 December 2014

Winning the Lottery is such a Burden

Lottery Hell

When I won the lottery I thought all my problems were solved. However, I'd no idea of the mental stress that comes with £12m. Lottery advisors suggested I should enjoy, but not waste my fortune. Though only a few days later I was faced with an agonizing financial decision.

Having won my vast amount on the Saturday draw, the Wednesday draw arrived in the blink of an eye. I'd had no time to consider the the pros and cons of playing on and I panicked. With my mind in turmoil, a balanced choice was impossible. Bewildered, I took a huge gamble and decided to play on. Hearing the numbers, my fears were proved correct. How I regretted my decision, what a disaster, I never won a single penny.

If only that had been the end of it. Unfortunately, that same indecision has continued for almost three months now. Twice a week my thoughts are in distress. I did calm down a little when I won a further £10, but overall, I'm well over £20 down since my huge win. Some people have won the lottery twice, but I doubt I'm lucky enough to join their ranks. My sensible side tells me to stop playing and I should listen, but my reckless side always has the last word and I fear my fortune may slowly fritter away.

Play on or stop is not my only nightmare. I now fear the crisis that Christmas and birthdays will bring. In the past, I have never once bought a round of drinks for my friends. If I suddenly break that habit, they may feel I'm flaunting my money in their face. It's the same predicament with the window cleaner, milkman, refuse collectors and paper boy. Tipping each for the first time could send them scurrying around the neighborhood, telling all and sundry that I've become a flash show off?

I sometimes wish that someone else had won and I could simply have my two pound coin back. Though on reflection, it would be so selfish to saddle another with my problems. I'll soldier on best I can. Someone, somewhere, may be carrying a heavier burden than my millions. My chauffeur does the lottery and I worry about him winning. What would happen to me if he did? I've the same terror of thought with all my household staff, cleaners, au pair etc. Would they honor my verbal termination  agreement. I pray they don't win, the pressure of finding new staff is something I definitely don't need. Regrettably, for wealthy chaps such as me, these type of problems will always be lying in wait.

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